A revolution in children's reading instruction!

The English language is complex. In fact, no other one beats it. The same sound can have multiple spellings; the same spelling can have multiple sounds. One spelling might use just one letter; another spelling might use four or five! Add a syllable, shift the stress, then do the Hokey Pokey and it can seem like everything a child learned in first grade about how to "sound out" words is starting to fall apart. It's no wonder then that, despite their teachers' best efforts, some kids get left behind and some kids lose the chance to get ahead.

ReadingWonder solves this problem through continuous, comprehensive assessment and targeted, systematic instruction.

Here, children learn to read. And when we say they "learn to read," we mean they learn every crazy speech sound, spelling pattern, and phonetic rule from "A is for Apple" to "Z is for Zygapophysis". (Well, all the useful ones, at least.) The basic strategy really isn't all that revolutionary, but the implementation certainly is. (Yay, technology!) It's a bit like Noah Webster's 18th-century "Speller" on 21st-century energy drinks!

Here's our approach:

Identify the child's precise weaknesses and strengths, then monitor them like a hawk. Target what "magic powers" have not already been mastered, teach them thoroughly and well, but skim or skip the rest. Provide ample opportunity for practice and review, both in isolation and in the context of meaningful literature, but be smart about what, when, and how much. Stir in colorful characters and fun interaction, and soon just as easily as "cat" and "dog," that child will be reading "catastrophe" and "dogmatism"!

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